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Children & Picture Books

The Significance of Picturebooks Today Through an
Exploration of Their History and Visual Structure

About this project

The research found on this site stemmed from an initial curiosity about the relationships between children and childhood development and the visual mediums they interact with. This work began as a funded research project through Boston University’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, and this website serves as a way for me to document my findings and share what I discover with those who are interested in exploring the topic of children and the picturebook medium.

As the semester progresses, information will continue to be added and revised to the site.

How to use this site

The information found under Picturebooks and Reference Books contain outlined summaries of the books I read. The Picture Books contain my analysis, whereas the reference books condense the information found within each of the books. In early May a final paper will be added which condenses my findings as a result of the readings and analysis of the books listed.